You can talk to other visitors in our large common rooms, which have good music and a variety of board games, or you can read one of our many great books with a drink of your choice. Besides that, you can enjoy your stay at this Youth hotel in Jaipur by walking around the rooftop and taking in the amazing views. What about all your stuff? Don’t worry. We care about your safety at the hostel in Jaipur, which is why we have a smart locking system. And when you start to feel like you’re stuck inside, you can go outside and visit restaurants and famous tourist spots that are all close to the hostel. This is one of the best hostels in Jaipur, so you can be sure that you will have a safe stay at a very cheap price.  The best of both the old and modern worlds can be found in Jaipur. Take a tour of one of these beautiful old buildings or visit one of its amazing shopping markets, like the lively flower market inside Chandi ki Taksal gate near yo us. So, if you’re planning a walking tour in Jaipur or looking for youth hostels in Jaipur, it’s the best Backpacker hostel in Jaipur for you. Don’t miss our open roof with a great view of the city. We aren’t just a place to stay. We make things happen! We’ll be happy to give you walking tours of the city’s beautiful landmarks. If you want, we can also set up a food tour for you. The best youth hostel in Jaipur has a beautiful blue and white Santorini style for you to enjoy.